Mixed Medium Portfolio

The group of works presented in this portfolio edges on the abstract. Incorporating a mix of drawing and painting combined with other elements to produce soft and rugged textures. Energetic gritty drawing technique over lavish painted undertones along with smooth fluid areas of limited details adds layers of depth.

The common thread in my work is utilizing elements in uncommon ways to produce effect, gritty or smooth. Along with portraying a thought or mood about the subject through angles, color and texture.

Silent Wilt, 8x10 monoprint with oil paint, oil pastels and graphite Macca, 16x20 acrylic and drawing Marmalade, 16x20 acrylic and drawing TADITA, 24x30  painting and drawing Once, 16x20 painting and drawing MoodaLorry, 16x20 painting and drawing Souled, 24x30 painting and drawing LoadaLorry, 16 Lone Lure, 24 Tohono, 16 Told Story, 24x30 mixed painting and drawing Lost Moment, 16x20 painting and drawing Rolla Stoney, 16x20 painting and drawing Sweet Sonoran Morning Dawns Harvest