Plein Air Portfolio

The group of plein air works presented were painted on location in the Sonoran Desert landscape of Tucson, Arizona.

With intuition, observation and daring spontaneity the quick painting process captures the essentials .... light, colors, shadows and shapes.

Lines Over Barrio Viejo, 9x12 acrylic Morning Sun DeGrazia, 8x10 oil Shaded Shadows, 16x20 acrylic Views At Play, 16x20 acrylic Crescendo, 16x20 acrylic Saturday Afternoon, 16x20 acrylic Going Home Summer Morning, 16x20 acrylic Robles Pass By Morning, 16x20 acrylic Watching The Summer Clouds, 20x16 acrylic Palo Verdes At Sunset, 20x16 acrylic As Dusk Approaches, 16x20 acrylic Of Loden and Berry, 20x16 acrylic Last Of Winter Tortolita, 20x16 acrylic Late Afternoon Mesquites, 16x20 acrylic Sombrero Summer, 16x20 acrylic Sombrero Peak Sunset, 16x20 acrylic Before Summer Tortolita, 16x20 acrylic Escaping Into Late Winter Light, 20x16 acrylic Spring Tucson Mountains, 20x16 acrylic