Lines Over Barrio Viejo

9" x 12" mixed media
Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild show "Share Our Walls"
Received the "Honorable Mention" award with gift prize

This piece was inspired by the play of intersecting communication wires. The lacing effect above the old street and the shadows made below traveling across and over surfaces is a whimsical story told. And one that speaks of an earlier time that's slowing disappearing from our landscape.

Barrio Viejo means "old neighborhood" in Spanish. Also known as "Barrio Libre (Free)", this neighborhood was home to a culturally diverse community of people from America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

This work is a combination of both graphite, watercolor and acrylic paints on acid-free heavy rag paper.

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Lines Over Barrio Viejo, 9x12 acrylic